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Transaction Highlights

Current Assignments


-Dental Practice Business– preparation of business plan and analysis / projections for arrangement of up to $5.0 million in financing.


-Energy Loan workout for Bank – business advisor to bank with borrower in Ch. 11. Maximize recovery of up to $5.0 million in loans.


-Acquisition loan request by successful entrepreneur. Acquire entity in coal business. Assist with due diligence; arrange financing.


Recent Transactions


  • Financial Advisor to CEO / Interim Chief Lending Officer / Interim Chief Credit Officer for $400 million western PA bank.


- Developed new credit policies and procedures.

- Developed/implemented new Credit Policy Manual.

- Revised and restructured credit approval process.

- Restructured lending function and provided guidance for development of a commercial lending marketing plan.

- Assisted with recruiting/hiring of new CLO and new CCO.

- Provided credit training for lending, credit and support staff.


  • Financial Advisor to CEO and Board of an $800 million western PA bank.


- Assisted CEO and Board with addressing credit and lending related OCC MRA issues

- Interim CCO and CLO roles; Interface w/ OCC on watchlist matters; Mission to substantially reduce problem loan portfolio

- Liquidated over $50 million of problem loans; sold $10mm troubled loan portfolio

- Assisted with securing $20 million of new capital to bring capital ratios within MRA target levels

- Assisted with recruiting/hiring of new CCO and new CLO

- Provided credit training for lending and credit staff.


  • Financial Advisor to CEO of closely-held PA Oil & Gas producer.


- Performed thorough review of all insurance policies, financial strength of carriers and quality/scope of coverage.

- Interviewed and evaluated brokers including incumbent; recommended change to a broker of record that demonstrated better knowledge     of the company’s business and industry niche.

- Recommended and implemented changes to carriers, policy language and coverage structure/types.


  • Drafted Energy Lending Policy for a $4.6B PA bank.

  • Financial Advisor for start-up business in Oakmont, PA.


  • Financial Advisor to management and board of large start-up bank in western PA.


-Worked with management and Board to prepare information required for regulatory approval.

-Served as Interim Chief Credit Officer for several months; developed credit policies and procedures. Chair of Credit Committee.

-Developed lender base salary structure and incentive plan; assisted with staffing of key lender positions.

-Assisted with raising private start-up capital (BFSC clients comprised over 15% of $150 million initial total equity).

-In a later role as a business development officer, developed new credit clients for the bank and originated $90 million in deposits.

-Assisted with development of the management reporting system.

-After several years of successful growth and an IPO, the bank size is now $1.8B.


  • Financial Advisor to Board of $350 million bank in western PA.


-Worked with management and Board to address a Matter Requiring Attention from the FDIC.Developed policies and procedures for the  bank’s investment management.

-Developed budget and planning tools.

-Evaluated organizational structure/capabilities; recommended changes/improvements to allow for controlled, quality growth.

-Addressed Asset/Liability issues and developed acceptable risk management program in line with FDIC directives.

-Prepared report evaluating management and board for regulators. Follow-up included an Interim CFO role.


  • Financial advisory role as industry expert for a major PA bank.


-Served as Bank’s expert advisor in support of an extension of a $42 million credit facility to a client of the bank for an acquisition of an  equipment sales and service company. Provided structuring guidance, industry analysis, & credit analysis.

-BFSC provided follow-up financial monitoring service for the bank.


  • Financial Advisor to the Board of a $200 million PA bank that was under OTS oversight.


-Managed restructure of commercial loan portfolio, developed loan policies and procedures, and developed a new commercial loan  department business plan. Prepared Loan Review report for $40 million commercial loan portfolio.

-Strategic approach involved loan workouts, partial loan portfolio sale and establishing new guidelines, policies, and procedures and  strategy for rebuilding the commercial loan business segment.

-Improvement in loan portfolio quality allowed for sale of the bank at a premium price instead of a “troubled” price.


Key Workout Assignments:


  • Chief Restructuring Officer/Financial Advisor to PA company. Evaluation of debt repayment capabilities and capital restructuring needs to address $40 million in bank debt. Project involved thorough analysis of operations, evaluating cost structure and production/cash flow generating capabilities. Set up 5-year projections and profit plan; recommended capital restructuring plan and debt repayment plan; set up daily cash budget/monitoring plan.


  • Court-approved Financial Advisor to Debtor for $200 million WV company in Ch. 11 bankruptcy, with $125 million+ of secured debt. Assisted with Ch. 11 filing, debt restructuring, prepared valuation report, held negotiations with various creditors/creditor classes, oversee cash in/cash out on a daily basis, negotiated DIP financing, negotiated exit financing, assisted in development of projections, Disclosure Statement and Reorganization Plan. Successful emergence in 12 months.


  • Financial Advisor to Debtor and valuation/analysis/debt arrangement-emergence financing for a PA 47-bed personal care home business in Ch. 11 bankruptcy. Provided expert testimony. Developed workout plan.


  • Financial Advisory / loan restructure assistance to private coal industry lender for a $8 million loan workout situation. Negotiated structure, documentation and security package. Structured to provide maximum protection to lender in the event of a bankruptcy. Client ultimately recovered 100% of secured and unsecured advances.


  • Financial advisor to major PA bank for a $28 million gas industry credit/workout.Prepared analysis of company/borrower; prepared collateral analysis andvaluation for bank and outside auditors; prepared workout recommendations and liquidation plan.


Key Marketing Assignments:


  • Engaged to perform due diligence and prepare recommendation for NY investor evaluating potential acquisition of a Michigan bank. Primary focus: analysis of a commercial loan portfolio with a heavy concentration of middle market loans to the real estate, hospitality, and gaming industries.


  • Successfully raised $4.0 million in equity capital to support a client’s 2008 shallow gas well drilling program in PA. Fifteen well program. Funded similar equity capital for 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 ten-well programs.


  • Analysis/valuation of several commercial real estate loans in conjunction with proposed bank CRE loan portfolio sale. Completed loan sale totaling $19 million.


  • Interim CFO for a $250 million KY company. Established an accounting system and a management reporting system. Prepared request for bank credit facility and ultimately established a $65 million facility with GE Capital.


Other Assignments:


  • M&A assignment resulting in successful sale of a small coal company for $9 million.

  • Engagement to prepare business plan and raise capital for growth-oriented PA manufacturing company.

  • Valuation/analysis of a PA-based limestone/lime producing company.

  • Assignment as Interim CFO, worked as part of a team to secure financing for a major coal mine project in China. Worked with World Bank, IFC and Eximbank.

  • Established a $35 million credit facility for a major PA company. Prepared financing request package and arranged bank group to provide the financing. BFSC provided follow-up financial monitoring service for the bank group.

  • Engagement/ M&A assignment to prepare a valuation of a sprinkler pipe manufacturer in Charleston, SC, prepare a market analysis and secure an investor/buyer.

  • Assignment to prepare a valuation, establish borrowing capacity and determine the feasibility of setting up a captive lease finance company for a pizza company/franchisor.

  • $15 million debt arrangement assignment for clothing retailer in Texas.

  • Credit analysis and borrowing limit recommendation for gas producer client of a PA bank.

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